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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Where did all the Civil Liberties Campaigners Go?

According to yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, there are an estimated 20,000 council workers around this country who have the right to enter your home without any warrant . There are apparently 1,043 different laws permitting state inspectors to enter people’s homes or premises.
How was this allowed to happen? Were all our freedom loving MPs asleep on the job? Perhaps they were just too busy buying and selling property or moving between their various homes? Perhaps the ducks in the moat were giving problems? Who knows, but they certainly weren't doing their job. They seem to be quick off the mark if there is any infringement of a favoured minority’s rights, but totally oblivious of an infringement of the majority’s rights.
Where were Liberty? Where was Shami Chakrabarti? Where was the House of Lords?
Seemingly they too were all asleep on the job.

Except in dire emergency, the police are not allowed to force an entry into any premises without court approval. Why should it be different for mere council jobsworths?

Television crime shows always amuse me. You see a plain clothes police officer going up to a door, waving a warrant card, demanding entry and invariably being let in. I’ve never ever seen a police warrant card and as far as I am concerned it could equally well be a bus pass. If someone in plain clothes came to my door with one and demanded entry on the strength of such a card I’d refuse unless there was a uniformed police officer present who at least could be identified by his number. Yes, I know uniforms can be faked, but uniformed officers are unlikely to appear without their matching car which I would probably recognise!

What authority do all these council jobsworths carry? How do I know that they are who they claim. Surely, as a minimum they should all have common identity documents issued by the appropriate Secretary of State? However, I’m sure about one thing, if some one came to my door and said that he was from the council and demanded entry, he would get a flat refusal. If he tried force, I’d simply dial 999.

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