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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Football and Doughnuts

As the only news on radio and television seems to be football, and my interest in the subject is zero, I have assumed that nothing else is happening in the world.

Well I have noticed something important, the rising price of doughnuts!

I am always reluctant to visit supermarkets, but Mrs EP doesn't like supermarket carparks and usually needs some help to load the shopping into the car. The one consolation, apart from ensuring she buys my favourite biscuits and an adequate quantity of beer, is that the doughnuts at both Sainsbury and Tesco are excellent if you buy them before mid-morning. Now, for quite a long while, in both Tesco and Sainsbury, they cost about12p or so, but suddenly, and more or less simultaneously, they shot up to 17p about a couple of months ago. Worst to come, yesterday in Tesco, they had suddenly gone up to 20p. This represents an inflation rate of 67% in quite a short period!

We haven't been into Sainsbury since (next Tuesday is scheduled), but if their doughnuts have gone up as well, surely this is prima facie evidence of a cartel which should be investigated by the monopolies commission.

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