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Sunday, 4 July 2010

I need a new PDA!

For quite a few years now I have relied upon my HP iPAQ to store my appointments, addresses, phone numbers, etc, along with the occasional photograph which I might want to show friends.

However, I'm thinking of a new computer, and Windows 7 doesn't come with Outlook and apparently cannot be synchronised with the iPAQ for lack of drivers. The iPAQ is also getting old, needs a new battery and probably won't last much longer, so I need to think of something new.

My daughter suggests that I should get a mobile phone which will have these facilities, but apart from anything else, they have rather small screens for tired old eyes. She argues that I should have a mobile phone, that at my age I could have a mishap at any time and might need to call for help. I'm still not sure whether she is worried about my tripping over when I go for a stroll through the local woods or whether she's casting aspersions on my driving! Having a camera phone could possibly be useful on occasions, carrying an SLR is not quite the thing for my daily stroll.

So, like all good engineers, I have come up with an operational requirement for the new device.

1. PAYG phone (preferably on O2) and ability to send texts (no e-mail or internet required!)
2. Facility to record appointments for myself and Mrs EP for the next year.
3. Facility to store list of names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays etc.
4. Facility to store a few photos.
5. Simple camera.
6. Largish Colour screen.

How does one make a choice, there seem to be so many devices available, most of which have too many facilities that I don't need!

I'd welcome any sensible ideas

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  1. HTC Desire, if Android is OK - or HTC D2 if you must have Windows Mobile.