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Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 - It's a Muslim Protest, so it's OK

The Telegraph reports that
"Muslim protesters burn US flag outside embassy in London"
They add that the protesters from "Muslims Against Crusades" burnt the flag and shouted "USA terrorists" during the silence.
OK, this is to be expected, there are always extremists around, but when you read further on that  members of the English Defence League, who had gathered in response to the demonstration, were ordered to move on to accommodate the MAC supporters, you begin to wonder what the police are doing.
At one time there was an offence of "Action likely to lead to a Breach of the Peace", and the police would have moved on these Muslim Fanatics. Presumably, this law has been repealed, and changed to one requiring that the police assist those wishing to cause a breach of the peace.
In view of the fact that the police cleared a space adjacent to the ceremony so that the MAC could protest, can we assume that, in the interests of even-handedness, they will clear a space within loud-hailer range for when the EDL (or anyone else) decides that they wish to protest at a Muslim ceremony?

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  1. 2 EDL were stabbed in a pub afterwards