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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Human Rights

The Telegraph reports that the Home Secretary, Theresa May, is calling for the scrapping of the Human Rights Act.
But more is needed than the simple scrapping of the act, our judges seem to have got into a rut of accepting the general idea of individuals rights over those of the community.
Not only does the act need to be abolished, but replacement legislation is needed that requires our Judges to consider the rights, needs and safety of the population at large when making any decision. At present, we can hold a paedophile in secure accommodation if he is considered a danger, but we cannot deport a murderer on grounds of his rights.
A new bill should list all the things that the government and authorities are not obliged to do.
The first is clearly that there should be no obligation on them to speak other than this country's language, English, and perhaps in Wales, Welsh.   When you get news like this "A banned extremist  is now likely to pocket £5,000 in compensation because immigration officials could not speak his language.", the country has clearly gone mad!
Following on from this, there should be no requirement for the provision of legal aid or interpreters at our expense. We should never, under any circumstances, supply any more than a British Citizen would receive from the authorities in the country of origin of an individual demanding such a service here.
Councils should be banned from printing leaflets and the like in other than our national languages, and made to charge for the services if an interpreter is required.
The "Right to family Life" invoked by many criminals who have managed to get into an association with a British woman, should be replaced by the requirement that they take their wife and family with them when deported.
I'm sure that changes like this would be applauded by the majority of the electorate and seen as a boost for their human rights which have been totally ignored.

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