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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Builders - Part 5

The on-going conservatory building has been hit by the weather, but they are here in force this morning, although it is still drizzling outside. The parapet of our flat roofed single story lounge has to be modified and raised to accommodate the pitched roof of the conservatory, which requires work on the roofing felt. The remains of the old patio is being cleared ready for  the new block paving to match that at the side and front of the house and the brickie is continuing with the dwarf wall for the new structure.
I'm videoing the work as it proceeds, I'm going to try my hand at a mini-documentary!

I'm not to happy with my newly acquired iPod. I wanted it mainly as a personal organiser, but so far I can't manage to import my address book and appointments. Seems that Windows and Apple don't talk to each other!

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  1. You mention roofing felt. Be this mineral felt? I had this on a kitchen extension and had it changed to ‘Tuffdeck’ about five years ago. You may wish to investigate this option while you are ’in about it.’
    Good luck with the project.