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Monday, 12 December 2011

A New Television - but No "OFF" Switch!

We have just ordered a new Television for our Daughter and Son-in-Law as their Christmas present.
In spite of all the EU green pontificating some months ago about not leaving TVs in standby mode because of the electricity consumption, this TV does not have an "ON/OFF" switch - when plugged in, it is permanently is standby mode.
From the manufacturer's web site it appears that the standby power consumption is 0.3 watts, so if it were to be left in standby mode for a tear, the consumption would be in the order of 2.6 kWh total, roughly equivalent to around 40 hours viewing.
Not a huge amount, I agree, but I'm waiting for the "Greens" to react :-
"If every household has one (or more) of these televisions, the amount of carbon produced would be . . . . . . . . . . . . ". "They must be banned!"
It doesn't worry me, I was just somewhat surprised at the absence of the "ON/OFF" switch, surely it can't be a cost cutting measure.


  1. Try a set of these. They still use an extremely small trickle, but if you like to 'switch off' but don't like crawling round the back of stuff, they're great. Got mine from Maplin. I've also seen them in Asda for a fiver for three......

  2. Wasn't the TV with no off switch invented by Orwell in 1984?

    (Not meaning to worry you, but...)

  3. Neither does the Sky box have an on/off switch, nor the DVD recorder and on most standard PCs the button only goes to standby. There is permanent power on the USB to charge the mobile phone on all mine.

  4. One reason the new sets do not have an on/off switch? it's because the "authorities" can remotely (and secretly)spy on you in your home via an internal cam any time your tv is in use or on standby. This practice was confirmed to a friend by her brother who is in a "government" agency.
    Switch off and unplug to be safe! reiverdave