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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Today's News

I only tend to write anything here when there is something in the news in which I have a particular  interest, and as far as I'm concerned, even the Duchess of Cambridge's baby-to-be doesn't really fall in that category. I would merely comment that having watched my daughter's problems in the early stages of her pregnancy, the Duchess is lucky to be able to go into private care rather than suffer at the hands of the NHS. I wish the Duchess well, and hope that she has a boy, if only to upset all those feminists who wanted the rules on succession changed to permit a girl, if first born, to be the next in line to the throne.

Coming back to the news, the only other item that attracted my attention concerned the NHS where the Chief Nursing Officer has described poor patient care and lack of compassion as being a "betrayal" of the service.
Again, looking at my daughter's treatment I would fully agree. She had had a number of miscarriages, and on the third or forth occasion had to go into our local hospital to have the dead foetus removed. She was put in a ward with nine other women who had had abortions, all of whom were pleased to get rid of  what they believed to be an encumbrance, whilst she was in tears having lost yet another baby. Reaction from one of the nurses was to the effect that "I don't see what you're making such a fuss about, children are such a bloody nuisance that I can't see why anyone in their right mind would want one". Now that's real compassion for you!
Fortunately I do now have a lovely grandson, thanks to treatment given abroad whilst my daughter was on holiday in Sardinia.

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