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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Trade with the EU

Douglas Carswell MP makes a very good point in his blog today which is well worth repeating.

"Last week, Honda announced it was laying off 800 workers. Why? Because the Honda plant produces almost exclusively for the European market, and the European market in car sales declined by 7 percent last year.
"This week, Jaguar Land Rover announced it was hiring 800 workers. It produces for markets in America, Asia and the Middle East."

As he says, "Nothing could better illustrate how our future prosperity lies in trading with the wider world, not just the declining Eurozone"

This is something that should be pointed out every time the "experts" talk about  the loss of trade that will occur if we leave the EU.

Afterthought:  I wonder if these experts who are full of doom and gloom about what will happen if we leave the EU are the same experts who predicted disaster if we failed to join the Euro. Yes they were right about disaster, but it was for the Eurozone, not us.

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