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Saturday, 14 September 2013

LbbDems - Major Policy Announcement - Charge for Plasic Bags

The Telegraph reports that:
"A senior Lib Dem source said the charge, championed by Mr Clegg, would be “centrepiece” at the conference which is taking place this weekend in Glasgow."

Heaven Help Us if this is the centrepiece of LibDem policy! 

This country is still in a financial mess, with the Government continuing to borrow millions (or is it billions?) of pounds each week in spite of the so-called "cuts". At the same time, according to the Mail,  the Taxpayer is loosing around a million pounds a day due to benefits being wrongly paid out by The Department for Work and Pensions, this amount being roughly the same as the amount that is expected to be saved by the new restrictions on benefits.

Yet these major financial issues appear to be of little import to the LibDems since it seems that the best policy that they can come up with is a compulsory charge of 5p each for plastic bags.

I know that reducing the number of waste plastic bags is a desirable objective, but even their most ardent supporters must surely despair at this being the "centrepiece" of LibDem policy. I wonder just how many votes it will attract.

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  1. Niqab Clegg (from far in the rear): "Now keep in a neat orderly line, eyes straight ahead, as we walk slowly towards the enemy machine-guns. Our example is sure to make them give in and cause no more trouble."