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Friday, 25 October 2013

Housing Shortage - Pensioners to blame

Apparently, according to the Housing Minister, we elderly are to blame for the housing shortage. The Telegraph reports that he considers that the rise of four-generation families is the cause of the current crisis. Whether he feels we are all living too long, or failing to keep our children at home is unclear, but as usual us oldies are to blame for the nation's woes.
Perhaps he would like to consider what happened in our case.
When I retired some years ago, we tried to find a smaller home. Our aim was to find a home of similar "quality", but with less rooms and certainly a smaller garden. We didn't want to move too far as both our daughters live within half an hour's drive. Also, we also didn't want to move too far from public transport and shops, as, at our age, we are uncertain as to how long we would be able to drive a car.  After three years of searching, we gave up. Smaller houses with less land meeting our criteria were fetching almost the same price as our present home, and by the time one had paid stamp duty on the purchase, along with all the other costs, we would have been well out of pocket. So we gave up and stayed put in a family home with a large garden which is ideal for children..
Perhaps the Housing Minister should consider speaking to the Chancellor on this matter, as the stamp duty was the main impediment to our moving, To blame us oldies for the crisis won't get him many votes!


  1. Yes, the problem with all you old folk is that you're simply not dying in sufficient quantities and with acceptable frequency.

    Living to ridiculous ages like 100 and such is just selfish, really. Who NEEDS to live for one hundred years?

    I propose that we take steps to increase energy bills so that you can't afford to heat your large homes and so either die of hypothermia or are forced to look for somewhere smaller.

    1. My Grandmother lived to 102 without the help of the NHS. As I recently explained to my GP, with the aid of modern medicine, I should be able to do far better!
      Or perhaps she survived because she didn't have all the pills and potions from the NHS.

    2. "I should be able to do far better"

      I sincerely hope you do, Sir!