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Saturday, 23 November 2013

"Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption"

Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General and my MP, has been interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, which in itself is a rather unusual event, as he normally seems to keep a low profile and is always very circumspect about what he says.
Suddenly, he has given an interview to the Telegraph in which he admits that the public has numerous concerns about the EU, the Human Rights Act, and, most explosively, corruption in the UK. The Telegraph says
'The problem is growing, he says, because some minority communities “come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic. We as politicians have to wake to up to it”. As if he was not being candid enough, he cites the South Asian communities, and the Pakistani community in particular.'

My first reaction to thsi interview was "Why?. As a lawyer he has always been very circumspect about what he says and I have never ever read that he has said anything controversial, and if asked I would have said that he would have been the very last person to make such a remark. He has one of the largest Tory majorities which has increased over the last three elections, and it would need a huge landslide for him to loose his seat. He is broadly respected, by most of his constituents, and from what I hear and have read, he never makes a decision or says anything without very careful thought, unlike far to many of out politicians including the Prime Minister.

He has also been in the news more frequently of late, appearing in person in various Courts here and in Europe, not in respect of dull legal matters, but appealing against decisions which have attracted public attention and been fully reported in the media.

So "Why?". Could it be that he has something in mind and is deliberately seeking to raise his public profile. But what? Surely he's not looking at the leadership of the Conservative Party, although someone who thinks before speaking would be a novelty. Something in Europe perhaps? One thing that I am aware of that is this is a sudden change and I feel that there's no smoke without fire!

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  1. Dominic Grieve’s comments are unfortunate.
    Law is equal for everyone. if someone has broken the law, punish them, do not punish the whole community.