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Sunday, 22 June 2014

"Disconnected" UKIP Voters

Labour's Chuka Umunna (a potential future Labour leader) claims that
‘a lot’ of people who voted for UKIP in its European elections victory were not computer literate and did not have basic online skills.
Judging by friends in my age group, this statement demonstrates the total disconnect of Umunna from the older population!

All my friends have computers or iPads and certainly know how to send e-mails and search the internet. It seems likely they are probably more clued up on the news that many younger people simply because they have time to read, not only the news on-line, but also various blogs of their choice. It is probably because of this, and the fact that they are so well informed, that they voted UKIP, not because they were disconnected!
My wife is interested in Family History Research and now does much of it on line, both for herself and friends. She also uses Facebook to keep an eye on what more distant members of the family and friends are up to. Most of our friends also seem to be capable of using Skype to keep in touch with their families in far flung places, we are an exception simply because both our daughters live locally. Another friend, who recently had a fall and is unable to drive for the time being, summoned her grandson to come and teach her about on-line shopping and has become totally converted to it, particularly when it comes to her weekly supermarket shop which is delivered to her kitchen door.
The one thing that most of us oldies are wary about is on-line banking; there is so much in the media about hacking that we'd rather be safe than sorry.

An aside,
We've just been looking at my teenage great-niece's Facebook page. It would appear that having a Great Aunt is considered to be far more prestigious than a Grandmother, of which she has both. I must remind my sister next time I see her!


  1. In fact, I've just e-mailed Mr. Ummuna to tell him I'm IT literate, voted for UKIP in the European elections and will do so in the GE next year. I also told him that my disconnection with mainsteam politics has nothing to do with my ability o send e-mails or use an Interent browser but rather borne out of a growing disillusionment with career politicians from the mainstream parties who seem increasingly remote from the concerns and experiences of the ordinary elector.

  2. Very good post that, and i endorse the above comment.

    Patronising little twerps like the Chukka bod really get my goat, they still don't get it do they, and hardly likely living in their ivory virtual towers.

    We voted UKIP because we know and understand and detest what that shower of bastards have done to our country, not as i recognise the place any more.

    We didn't vote for the three cheeks of the same arse party because we are informed not brainwashed....we got your message, we understand it, we reject it totally, we vote UKIP because we don't bloody well want the three cheeks, and trying to tell us we're ignorant or not right on message or simply thick as two planks isn't going to change a thing.

    Good effort though Chukka, just as the dust is settling from the shock horror of UKIP wiping the floor with the sods in the European elections, he's stirred it up again.
    Every time these people open their traps, it confirms to us how out of touch they are and how important it is to vote them out.

    First time i've discovered your blog EP, good man yourself, keep it up.