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Monday, 5 January 2015

The Benefits of Migrants !

I suppose it all depends on who gets the benefits, us or them.

This blog by Anna Raccoon is a "must read" for all those who believe immigrants contribute to this country.

In essence it is about the cost to the state of a Bangladeshi immigrant, Mr Ouanq, who "married" his cousin, Tia, who has a mental age of between four and eight, who then bred four children which were taken into care; of the "wife" who needs a 24/7 team of carers because of her mental state, and of a further "wife", also a cousin, who has since produced two more children.

All are living in social housing and on benefits.

Anna lists some of the costs:
"We have two adults, possibly three if we include Mr Ouanq, fully supported by the taxpayer.
"We have housing association accommodation subsidised by the tax payer.
"We have six children, each fully supported in care by the taxpayer.
"We have full time care via a rota of employees for Tia.
"We have (I may have lost count here!) nine high court actions/family court/court of protection/immigration tribunals – each of which has been attended by a murmur of black gowned legal experts including top flight QCs.
"We have a range of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, case conference attendees, and assorted council employees."

For once, I simply don't know what to say!

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