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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Thank Goodness for the Royal Baby!

The birth of the, as yet unnamed, Princess of Cambridge at least brought relief from the incessant drone of politicians and political journalists on the TV news programmes. Not that the reports on the baby actually provided any real news, but it was a change to see cheering crowds rather than the usual rabble of demonstrators which seems to be the norm these days. The BBC, of course, managed to produce an anti-monarchist for interview who ranted on about the cost of the monarchy (but didn't feel it appropriate to mention the far higher costs of Presidents like Obama, along with the costs of all the ex-presidents) and who also seemed to believe that the birth had been timed as a political event to interfere with the general election. If interfering with the general election means getting politicians off the screen for a while, please carry on interfering!

Elsewhere in the political news, Guido shows us this picture of a Labour Party Public meeting in Birmingham.
I wonder what Harriet thinks about it!
To most English this is totally unacceptable in a public place, and it simply shows how subservient Labour is becoming to the diktats of Islam. If I'd been going to the meeting with my wife and we were asked to sit apart, we'd have simply walked out. I do hope all the non-Islamic voters in Birmingham see this picture.

Now to the "Greens".  Breitbart tells us that Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has said her party would consider allowing polygamous marriages and civil partnerships in the UK. This of course was the fear of many of those who opposed Gay Marriage; that one thing would lead to another and that it would lead to marriage being redefined in other ways, including allowing more than two people to enter into a union.

Which brings us back to Cameron and the Tories. Traditionally, political parties in power have only introduced legislation that they had proposed in their manifestos unless there was some overriding imperative that was not anticipated at the time of the previous election. Gay Marriage can hardly said to fall within that category; there was no reason for it not being included in the Party Manifesto for this election and brought forward by the Tories should they be in power. For that reason, if no other, I am not prepared to vote Conservative and have informed my sitting MP accordingly. Who knows what Cameron might do if he thought polygamy might increase his share of the Islamic vote.

Every day as I read the news, or watch it on TV, I become more than ever convinced that UKIP is the only party that genuinely represents the ordinary voter of British ancestry.


  1. Unfortunately, as can be demonstrated by the complete lack of publicity given UKIP's manifesto by the msm, the British Public have yet to be told of the eminently sensible Manifesto committments laid down by UKIP; although not exactly graven in stone.

    I shall be voting for UKIP, but as the Labour votes are not counted, but weighed in the various Durham constituencies which surround the place where I live, it won't do much good.

    What this country really needs is a good, sharp revolution!

  2. All the political parties in the media eye, including UKIP and The Greens offer millions NIL STATE PENSION from 2016
    bringing us back to the old days of WORK TIL YOU DIE or STARVE if you can't forever in old age.

    See why at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    People are already getting formal government forecasts of flat rate state pension for retirement age on and after 6 April 2016, of just £38 per week with no top ups
    after 45 years in work.

    Many citizens are no longer eligible for any pension or lose it all due to the SERPs opt out used as an excuse, despite people paying 10 per cent of their wages all their working lives, as well as their employer's contribution.

    Pension Credit (savings) is abolished next year.

    Pension Credit guarantee credit becomes more complex conditional so will be lost, even eventually to the over 75s.

    Universal Credit denies Pension Credit if either of a couple are below the raised retirement age.

    Universal Credit will bring about permanent sanctions for life, for those in work who are low waged or low income self employed, just as much as the unemployed, or the disabled / chronic sick / terminally ill dumped onto Jobseekers or ESA and then sanctioned for the most trivial reasons.

    No benefit, no job, low waged no benefit, no pension, no pension credit, no winter fuel allowance, no cold weather payment. This is what the political parties in the media eye offer in the UK parliament.