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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Just in case you missed it!

According to Breitbart, Labour MP Rachael Maskell, the Member of Parliament for York Central, declared:
“We need to shout so much more and say 20,000 is not enough, 30,000 is not enough. We will keep going until we hit our saturation point because what does it matter if we have to wait another week for a hospital visit?  Or if our class sizes are slightly bigger? Or if our city is slightly fuller? What does it matter if things are slightly more challenging? If we have to pay a little bit more into the system? Surely it is worth it to see those lives being restored again.”
At last a Labour MP has admitted that immigrants are increasing the time waiting for appointments and treatment at our hospitals, she has admitted that school class sizes increase (but no mention of falling standards because of the time taken with non-English speakers), she has admitted that cities are becoming overcrowded, and last but not least, she has admitted that we will have to pay more tax. What she doesn't mention is that many also carry diseases, with TB and polio which were once virtually eradicated from this country now making a come-back.

This is the reality of Corbyn's Labour party.

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