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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Unfit to be Prime Minister

A headline is the "Mail Online" claims

'Even if we leave the EU, we won't be able to control immigration': Cameron's counsel of despair as he turns on rebel Brexit ministers 

If this is a true reflection of what Cameron said, in my view he is totally unfitted to be Prime Minister. It is apparently based on his belief that if we are to trade with the EU countries after Brexit, we would be forced to have continued free movement of people. What rubbish, other countries trade with the EU without having EU migrants forced onto them!

If he is admitting that we wouldn't be able to control immigration, what would he say if there was a prospect of war for any reason? "Let's surrender now as there is no prospect of winning"?

The sooner we are out of the EU and have a Prime Minister who genuinely stands up for this country, the better.

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  1. The most damning thing he said today was that Sovereignty is "an illusion".

    So he's the PM of an illusory body.

    How to negate your very existence in one sentence.