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Thursday, 18 February 2010


I am a firm believer in assassination, I believe that targeted assassination could have saved thousands if not millions of lives in the past and could continue to do so in the future.
Just imagine if Hitler had been assassinated in 1938, Would the remaining hierarchy have still gone ahead with his plans; Would World War 2 have taken place? What about Saddam Hussein; would we have had to invade Iraq?
The recent assassination of a Hammas terrorist arms dealer in Dubai has my full approval, regardless of who carried it out. Personally, I do not believe that it was the Israelis as it does not seem to be their style. How many people do you need to carry out a killing like this. I know James Bond would manage single handed, as indeed did the Russians on at least two occasions in the UK. Thus it is difficult to understand why more than three people would be needed, possibly six at the outside if they didn't know at which hotel he would be staying. Why use European passports; surely it would have been better to use those of an Arab country. And as for disguises, surely Arab dress would have been more suitable, particularly for the women.
It has been suggested that it was a dissident Arab group; there is some suggestion of torture, perhaps they were trying to gain access to the Hammas funds.
Another reason is that, strangely, I trust the Israelis to keep a promise. They undertook, following the discovery of some British passports in the possession of a Mossad agent, not to use forged British passports again in exchange for being readmitted into the intelligence community. Now, as far as I am aware, Israel has always kept their promises provided that the other party has done the same, which is why I would trust them.
I am convinced that this killing was carried out by some Arab country who is against Hammas or by some other Arab terrorist group, and in doing so have tried to place the blame on Israel. I certainly don't believe that it is a double bluff by Israel!
I just look forward to a real Mossad assassination in Iran which could avoid yet another major conflict.

Incidentally, I wonder why on earth Milliband bothered to see the Israeli ambassador; Clearly the ambassador would not admit to his country being involved. Presumably it was just for the British public and media.

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  1. Assassinating Stalin in 1922 might have saved even more people than Hitler killed. The downside to this is, if something like 32 million people had been saved, what would the world population be now?