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Saturday, 20 February 2010


I was sitting with my grandson watching a recording of one of his favourite night time programmes which I had made from the BBC a few days previously,  when I noticed this scene:

I wonder if the producers had ever seen this flag before?
It is, of course, the military flag used by the Japanese Army and Navy during World War 2
Probably they are all far to young to realize the significance of their design and the similarity to this flag, but I did wonder if there might be any ex-Japanese POWs who might also have been watching this video with a grandchild? I can just imagine the outcry if they had happened to use a very ancient design, now known as a swastika, in the program.

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  1. Hi there I just saw the same flag on Waybaloo while watching it with my son and I find it really odd that they should have this flag on a children's programme. I'm very surprised nobody has said anything except you.
    Concerned parent