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Monday, 24 May 2010

New Policing Policy

The new government has produced a 32 page policy document about their approach to policing, and it was reported in the press that One police source said the policies contained within last week's 34-page programme for government indicated that the new coalition had "no understanding of what policing is about".

I suspect that the General Public have a very different view: that any police officer above the rank of, say, Superintendent has "no understanding of what policing is about" and is more concerned about political correctness than catching criminals and preventing crime.

Thanks to Raedwald for publishing the list of top Metropolitan management.
The are 38 senior officers of the rank of Commander and above. The staggering thing is that they need to be supported by no less than forty-nine senior civilian managers, equivalent to Commander or above.

Do all the UK police forces services have a similar heirarchy.

New York has an elected Police Commissioner, something many would like in the country. I wonder how many office-bound staff of equivalent grades are employed by NYPD?

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