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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Policeman Stabbed - In Serious Condition

Apparently the news of a Thames Valley policeman being stabbed near Bracknell and now in intensive care does not seem to rate a mention on the BBC.
For this news I relied upon "Police Inspector Blog" which quoted the Sun Newspaper (not my normal reading - the Sun I mean!).
Assuming that the Sun has it right why was it not reported on the TV news, or indeed in any of my normal news sources? Is it that stabbing is now such a commonplace event that it is no longer considered a newsworthy event?

I know the Police at times can be heavy handed and at other times just plain stupid, but the majority are doing their best to do a good honest job and deserve public support.

All the more reason to bring back Capital Punishment for murder.

I wish the Officer well.

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