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Saturday, 30 October 2010

"Cameron's not a real man!"

I was sitting there at breakfast, still half asleep, munching my cereal and trying to ignore the wittering of someone on one of the television breakfast programs which Mrs EP seems to like, when she suddenly came out with the above remark.

Coming back to this world, I asked why? He's got a family and I've no doubt they're his.
A certain look of contempt, and Mrs EP replied "I don't mean that sort of 'real'. I mean a real man who will do his very best never to be beaten by a woman. One who would want to show a woman who had previously done the same job that he could do it far better and get better results. But he isn't even trying; all he wants to do is to be liked - real men would prefer to be feared".

Mrs EP didn't need to mention Margaret Thatcher by this stage, I'd woken up and got the message as she continued "That Haus Frau in Germany has run circles around him and there must be some catch if the French are actually agreeing with him. He's got absolutely no idea as to how to drive a bargain".

By now I'd realised that the subject under discussion on the television must have been the EU budget "Possibly only a 3% increase instead of 6%. He should have demanded a 25% reduction, threatened to have a referendum on leaving the EU if he didn't get it, and reluctantly settled for a 10-15% reduction. That's what a real man (or Mrs Thatcher) would have done".

So now you know!

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