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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Hospitals face fines for mixed sex wards

"Hospitals face fines for mixed sex wards" is a front age headline in today's Daily Telegraph.
What on earth is the logic in doing this?
The hospitals which still have mixed sex wards claim that the reason is that they are short of money to make the necessary changes, and that they need to spend  what they have in other more important areas. If this is so, fining the hospitals won't hurry things along but simply cause even more problems, so it would seem that a patient will suffer twice  - in having to be in  a mixed sex ward and then finding possibly that the necessary treatment is delayed for lack of money.
One thing that is a dead certainty is that any shortfall won't come out of the administration budget - indeed, it could increase due to the extra problems involved in finding areas to cut to pay the fine!

If any fine is to be imposed, it should be imposed on the individual hospital administrators and senior administrative staff when it would have some meaning, otherwise it is a totally pointless exercise which will disadvantage patients still further.

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