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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Vince Cable Why hasn't he been fired?

Reading about what Vince Cable has said, it is clear to me that he should have been instantly fired from the Cabinet. No ifs or buts, just given the boot.
He was the Business Secretary and was to have been responsible for arbitrating on issues involving Murdoch and BSkyB. He made an astounding attack on Murdoch to some of his presumed constituents which clearly made it obvious that Murdoch wouldn't get a fair hearing. This was nothing to do with his satisfaction or dissatisfaction as to the actions of the coalition, it was plain simple stupidity and shows that he is totally unfit for high office.
He is now, as Simon Heffer puts it in today's Daily Telegraph, the "Certain Bits of Business Only Secretary".
Why was he let off so leniently as compared with Lord Young, a life long Tory, who made a few remarks which, to many, didn't seem too unreasonable? He wasn't even in the cabinet but merely an unpaid advisor, but was instantly fired and treated like a pariah.
I would strongly recommend reading Simon Heffer's article

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