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Saturday, 12 February 2011

EDL comes to town

This blog is worth reading.

Inspector Gadget contrasts the difference (with after the event pictures) between the "peaceful" student demonstration in London and the "we must stop these racist tugs" EDL (English Defence League) demonstration in Luton last weekend.
I know which I'd rather have in town!

Incidentally, I was surprised to read that the town centre in Luton is still called St Georges Square and that it hasn't been changed in the interests of "racial harmony"

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  1. Interesting points made by Inspector Gadget. I have always been of the opinion that protests should be peaceful. Granted, there is a strand within the EDL that is not averse to violence and that is a strand with which I feel ill at ease, so I was hugely relieved to learn that there had been no trouble in Luton.

    The question has been raised this week as to whether the EDL should field candidates at elections. I for one, do not think that this would be a wise move: