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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Halal Meat

I find this UP Pompeii blog very disturbing.
It seems that an ever increasing amount of our meat is now Halal; indeed none of the supermarkets sell  any lamb which is not halal. (Asda declined to comment).
Apart from the fact that many Christians might find it unacceptable for their food to have been subjected to Islamic ritual, even more of us find this barbaric way of killing animals to be totally unacceptable.
Yet, very little has been said in the media about this.
Even more disturbing is that the animal charities have, as far as I am aware, said absolutely nothing. The RSPCA was quite prepared to prosecute a man who drowned a squirrel on the basis that it was cruel and not instantaneous, whilst saying zilch about ritual slaughter (no more donations as far as I am concerned).
And what about the Animal Rights enthusiasts? They seem happy to protest about the killing of a relatively small number of animals in laboratories, but say nothing about the cruelty of this £1 Trillion per annum ritual slaughter industry.
Its time that the foods standards organisation insisted, as a minimum, that Halal food is labelled as such.

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  1. The only meat which isn't halal is pork, so you can stick to that. Otherwise yes, it should be labelled and some do protest out there over this. The EDL have a month long protest going on at KFC Blackburn over this issue, seems most people don't know that a lot of meat is halal and wont touch it once they do know.