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Monday, 13 June 2011

Let's Tell the World!

As I remarked in my previous blog, I've just returned from a couple of week's holiday. As usual, we only told people who had a "need to know" that we would be away.

Going for my daily stroll in the nearby woods, I met an acquaintance who lives a couple of streets away, and who, by co-incidence, had also just returned from a holiday. The difference was that he returned home to find that both his and his neighbour's houses had been burgled in their absence.
It seems that his teenage daughter had used Facebook, or something similar, to tell all her "friends" that she was going for two weeks holiday abroad and that she'd just been with mum to take the cat to the cattery as the neighbour who usually fed her would also be away at the same time! Even so, he seemed very reluctant to accept that this could be the reason why the burglar chose these two particular houses.

It seems that Common Sense is a commodity that is in short supply these days, and not only amongst teenagers.


  1. Never mind 'Facebook' or any of the other excuses trotted out by the juvenile simpleton; if she didn't realise that by posting on that particular 'Social Media' page was the equivalent of shining a very, very bright light directly over her family's house. she ought to have her head examined to find out where the brain damage actually is.

    I also blame the parents for not telling the silly little cow to keep her hands off the bleeding computer!

  2. You're right though EP, common sense is no longer a part of character these days. Like you, I've always just told those on a 'need to know' basis. To others if they ask where I'm going, should they happen to find out inadvertently, I say I'm spending the time at home, relaxing.