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Monday, 27 June 2011

Muslim Harassment of Funerals.

It hasn't happened so far in Britain (or if it has, it hasn't been reported in the media), but in Holland, their latest problem is the harassment of non-Muslim funeral by Muslim youths.
Klein Verzet reports that Muslim youths approach a funeral and if they discover that the deceased is a non-Muslim, they bang on the vehicles of the cort├Ęge shouting slogans like "Another dead dog", and them harass the vehicles all the way on their bikes. The Dutch MSM apparently plays down the matter, but it is happening with increasing frequency, and for some reason the police fail to take any action.

I just wonder how soon before this starts to happen in Britain, and whether our police will be equally inactive. My reaction is that they will probably arrest someone from the EDL for trying to prevent a "legitimate gathering".

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  1. Aint that the truth? The establishment will twist itself into idealogical knots before admitting the truth about islam and islamic ambitions in the UK.