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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Police Budget Cuts and Benefits

I think that the Government should do a U-turn.
It should announce that it will not cut the police budget by 20%, but will instead cut the benefits budget by a similar amount.

At present, everybody appears to have the same benefit entitlement whether they have contributed to society or not, which is clearly wrong. There is a big difference in the position of someone who has worked for many years, paid taxes and National Insurance and then finds himself unemployed compared with that of someone who has never worked and in many cases has no intention of working. Under my scheme, the first person would continue to get benefits at the present level, the second would get half that amount.

We also need to further cut the benefits of those who go straight from school onto benefits, particularly where they are leaving school without any qualifications. All these "deprived" youngsters have had the opportunity of an education which they have failed to take and, by causing trouble in the schools, have often prevented the education of others. All those leaving school without a certain minimum standard of education (basic GCSEs) should have any benefit cut still further.

There is absolutely no reason why this country should provide other than a minimum subsistence level of living for the deliberately uneducated who have no desire to work.

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