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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Police Leaks and the Guardian

The Daily Telegraph reports today that

"The phone hacking scandal took yet another twist yesterday when a Scotland Yard detective was arrested on suspicion of leaking confidential information about the inquiry to The Guardian.
It is thought that the arrest follows a series of online articles in The Guardian which disclosed the identities of people who were about to be or had just been arrested. The identity of the 51-year old detective constable has not been disclosed. He was arrested on Thursday by the anti-corruption unit of Scotland Yard and bailed to return next month."

The Guardian is, of course, the paper which has taken the high moral ground over phone hacking, but it seems that its integrity does not extend to the receipt of confidential information from the police, which could, by its very nature, impede the police investigations.

Presumably, the Guardian will be added the on-going investigation into the alleged bribery of police by News International, as only an idiot will believe the policeman did it for altruistic reasons.

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