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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Mother of two at 15

I actually buy a real newspaper on Saturdays because my wife wants the TV listings, and I have just got around to reading it!

This article in the Mail is about a girl who became pregnant at 12 and has had her second child at 15. The father, a boy, now 19, is believed to have fathered three more sons by two other girls and is expecting a sixth child by a fourth partner.

The girl's mother has a failed marriage behind her and has had various men friends. She has two other children and is now living on benefits of £656 a month in a council property.  Because the girl is studying part-time at college, her sons’ nursery fees are paid for under a government scheme to encourage people into work — a total of £864 for four weeks’ care, although why her mother can't look after her grandsons as she is unemployed and living on benefits seems to be a mystery. Another teenager told the reporter that the girl had also had four terminations in the course of a year.

Can someone explain to me why the boy was not prosecuted; as I understand it, underage sex is still an offence in this country. Or have the powers-that-be decided that it is OK when the boy is also young? If the boy had been older, he would have been accused of being a paedophile and most certainly have ended up on the sex-offenders register, but I can't see any difference between a 14 year old or a 30 year old being the father, the result is the same, an underage girl has a child.
Surely also there is a case for prosecuting the parents of both youngsters for child neglect, or is it that children are now allowed to do exactly as they like and the parents take no responsibility? Certainly something needs to be done quickly otherwise, at the rate he is going, this boy will be another Mick Philpot in the making. Surely it is time the state found some sanction to deal with such fathers? Personally I'd have him castrated, but as that option seems unlikely, there must be a case for jailing him for neglect of his children. The state, that is us taxpayers, are already paying for six of his children and he's only nineteen; how many more can we expect during his lifetime?


  1. Unfortunately, this one has to be filed in the cupboard marked "No possible solution in today's system".

    Putting him on the sex offenders register will only make the situation worse as that will make him employable only by the BBC.

    Forcing the grandmother to look after the kids will only result

  2. Ack... meant to delete that last bit!

    Was going to say that forcing the grandmother to look after the kids will only result in yet more benefit handouts in some form or another.