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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Migration - Turkey is taking the EU for a ride! (Part2)

Just a brief observation that since I wrote last night's instalment, the BBC have reported that Turkey is now demanding Six Billion Euros, rather than the Three Billion previously reported. The sum has doubled overnight! I wonder if it is a "one off" payment or an annual payment? The reports are unclear.

No doubt whilst we are in  the EU, we will be expected to pay a significant part of this sum.

This is blackmail by Turkey, pure and simple.

The Australian approach to similar boat people trying to get to Australia illegally was quite simple; they took them back to where they had sailed from and put them ashore. The problem ended within six months.

The EU should do exactly the same, dump all migrants ashore in the country were they came from. If the EU hasn't the resources to prevent migrants landing on the relatively short Greek coastline, certainly Turkey wouldn't have the resources to prevent this along their much longer coast line. Isn't that what landing craft are designed to do!

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