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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Project Fear - The ony reason for staying in the EU

The latest statement by the 'Remainers' is that if we leave the EU, we will no longer be able to travel freely around the EU, but as usual, they give no reason as to why this should be so.

Indeed, why should it be more difficult that at present, unless any of the EU countries decide to be bloody minded, which I very much doubt. Is it difficult for, say, Americans or Australians to travel to European countries because they're not in the EU? Of course not!

We went to Spain for our honeymoon, far more years ago than I care to remember. We had good old-fashioned blue passports, not the horrible modern EU style paperbacks. The only problem or hold-up was on our return when the BEA Trident blew its centre engine at the end of the runway and we had to wait for a replacement aircraft.

Since then on numerous occasions we toured Europe by car, with the children, finding B&B as we went. There were never any problems, we just had to show our passports and the car's documentation at some of the borders. Hardly any additional great hardship. We've also travelled quite widely outside Europe; Australia, the US and Russian required visas, so what, they still do and this presents no great impediment to travel.

The only reason that I would no longer want to travel to the EU, in general, is that with the plague of migrants, I would be concerned about our safety and it would seem that I'm not alone in this respect. The Austrian media have apparently been reporting concerns at the huge drop in holiday bookings for this summer. Vienna is one of the few European capitals that I've not visited, and it now looks as if I will never get the chance. This situation is unlikely to change whether we are in or out of the EU.

So this year, if we go touring, it is likely to be the Irish republic which seems quite safe if one avoids the rival gangs' gunfire in Dublin. But even here you need a passport so that you can prove you are British, both when entering Ireland and returning home.

Otherwise, it looks like a cruise, but it has to start in the UK as Mrs EP has ear problems and no wish to fly (otherwise we might head off to visit friends in Australia!). But certainly not a cruise to the Mediterranean, would it be safe to walk around the various places that the cruise would visit? Judging by the constant advertising of Mediterranean cruises for the coming summer, I would suspect that I'm not alone in my concerns.

So the only remaining problem now is whether we can get some affordable Holiday Insurance, and that's nothing to do with the EU!

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