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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Another Gravy Train

I supported the concept of local Police Commissioners, but as has happened with nearly every piece of recent legislation, that to allow for the election of Police & Crime Commissioners was hastily cobbled together without much thought and has produced yet another gravy train for our politicians and their cronies.

Today's Mail just tells part of the story, and that is bad enough. Many of those appointed are already Councillors, several of who are doing virtually full time council jobs which they are keeping for the time being. But what we were never told was that they would be able to appoint deputies at salaries of up to £68,000 pa. Nor were we told that such appointments would be personal appointments without the normally accepted advertising and selection procedures. Just like the old Wild West where the Sheriff and his mates ran the town but getting highly paid as well. How long will it be before one of them appoints his wife partner as his deputy? But that is not the end of the matter, some of the deputies being appointed also have existing jobs in the public sector which they intend to keep.

But perhaps more worrying is the fact that these Commissioners can "Hire and fire Chief Constables". I just wonder whether any procedures have been laid down for this? Will they appoint them in the same way as the appoint their deputies, conceivably cronies without any police experience? One Chief Constable has already resigned after being told to re-apply for his job by the new Commissioner with whom he had previously clashed.

Yes, a very good idea, but it has gone horribly wrong due to being rushed through without any real consideration and with total lack of thought about the unexpected consequences. In my view it was a grave mistake to allow anyone who had previously stood as a party member for any elected council or parliamentary office. Certainly the legislation should have required that all appointments should be advertised and normal selection procedures should apply.

Meanwhile, the Gravy Train rolls on.

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