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Thursday, 29 April 2010


Gordon Brown, whatever else one might think of him, is, in theory at least, a very well educated person. He went to Kirkcaldy High School and graduated from Edinburgh University with First Class Honours MA.

But it seems that his command and understanding of the English Language does not even reach our miserable A-Level standard. If it did, he would know the meaning of the word "bigot", which is not someone who asks questions about your views, or even disagrees with your views, but someone who is so convinced that they are right that they are simply not even prepared to consider the possibility that there is an alternative viewpoint.

And what had Mrs Duffy said that was bigoted? Nothing that I can see. She simply asked about how the country was going to repay its debt, and expressed her concern about immigration. She wasn't even expressing a viewpoint, merely asking simple questions to which many of us would like to hear the answers.

In fact, by my definition, the only bigoted person in the conversation was Brown himself.

Clearly, it shows that the Prime Minister must rarely know what he is talking about as it seems unlikely that he knows the meaning of any words with more than a couple of syllables in spite of his expensive education.

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