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Monday, 12 April 2010

Cash Withdrawals

The Daily Telegraph reports today that the Nationwide Building Society has joined the ranks of those banks and Building Societies which will no longer allow small cash withdrawals over the counter. HERE
This is allegedly on the grounds of improving customer service - who was it who once said "improvement means deterioration"?
What these organisations don't understand is that there are a large number of people, particularly pensioners like myself, who don't like cash machines. Firstly because they feel vulnerable, (although this is improving with inside machines at a few banks) and secondly because the machines tend to give out big notes.
These days, it is rare for anyone who has a credit card to spend much more than a tenner in cash; it goes on the card. Most of my cash expenditure is under a fiver; a magazine, a bar of chocolate, maybe a coffee, but the machines insist on providing £20 notes, when what we want are fivers or tenners.
I wonder what the next "service improvement" is going to hit us!


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  2. I too am a pensioner in South Bucks and have accounts with Nationwide. I popped in my branch in Cookham and mentioned this to them. They said it only affected those with a specific type of account - a cash card I think she said. It will not affect those with other accounts ie Debit card current accounts. Fear not. Just a bit of media scaremongering I guess.