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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Westminster 2010: ‘Declaration of Christian Conscience’

My attention has been drawn to the Westminster Declaration, in which thirty senior Christian leaders, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, launched a Christian Manifesto the ‘Westminster 2010: Declaration of Christian Conscience’ on Easter Sunday.
Unfortunately, it didn't seem to get any publicity, either on the BBC (not surprisingly) nor in the main broadsheets. To me, the title, including the word "Westminster" is a mistake; somehow it seems to have connections with our parliament which most people would like to ignore and which is the last place with a conscience, Christian or otherwise.
However, it has very worthy aims, and is supported by all our senior Christian leaders, and I believe that we should give it our full support.
Most people in this country who prefer to call themselves "English" rather than "British" are Christians, even if they are not regular churchgoers. All these individuals should support this declaration. Even if you are not a Christian, you should read the aims and ask whether the are compatible with your own morals and beliefs, and if so, sign the declaration.

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