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Monday, 28 March 2011

Demonstration Costs

None of the media seem to have provided any information on the policing costs of the recent TUC demonstration.
But when the EDL wanted to hold a march at Luton, efforts were made by Labour supporters to have it banned on the grounds that the country couldn't afford the police costs of £800,000.
Similarly, two MPs from the Birmingham area wanted to ban an EDL march there on similar grounds, and because they "have a track record of violence".
Surely the same arguments should have been employed to ban the TUC march; the police costs are enormous and that TUC marches "have a track record of violence".
It is no use politicians arguing that the TUC was not responsible for the violence when they are totally unable to accept that it outsiders who are responsible for any violence at EDL rallies.
"Pot and Kettle" comes to mind!

And having mentioned Birmingham, its time for a (racist?) joke
"A friend got a mongrel from the dog rescue centre; it was black at one end, brown at the other, and had a white spot in the middle of its back. What major city did he name it after?"

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