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Sunday, 27 March 2011

I Blame the TUC

A few years ago, I visited a country in the Far East for a holiday. I thought of hiring a car, but was warned not to do so on the basis that if I was involved in an accident with a local, I would be held entirely to blame whatever the circumstances. Indeed it was suggested that someone might deliberately try to get hurt by my car in order to claim damages.
It was pointed out to me that the logic in that particular country was quite simple, I hadn't a need to drive the car, and if I hadn't driven it, the accident would not have happened. Therefore it must be my fault.

I take the same view of the TUC. They didn't need to hold a demonstration; they did, and other people chose to take advantage of the situation. If they hadn't held it, these anarchist groups wouldn't have dreamed of doing what they did. Therefore it is the fault of the TUC.

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  1. A very good comparison,if that is the right word.They talk of cuts,but,the amount of money that will be short,or overspend,by the end of this Parliament,will be as high as 2008.Some cuts!