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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

'World's largest paedophile ring'

According to the BBC, the 'World's largest paedophile ring' has been uncovered and 121 people have been arrested in the UK.
I wonder how many of them have either been cleared,  or would have been cleared (had they been asked), by the Child Protection Agency?
If as I am inclined to suspect, the majority "have no previous", it would of course prove that the CPA is a waste of time and money, as in the case of the nursery worker, Vanessa George, who was recently jailed for child sex abuse.

Late News
The ITV Evening news (6.30) said that there were "Schoolmasters, a Scout master and a Policeman" amongst those arrested.

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  1. A telling point. Probably a few actually work for the CPA.