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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Australia and the Burka

A case that has hit the headlines in Sydney recently concerns a burka wearing woman who was stopped for a traffic offence, and subsequently accused the police officer concerned of assaulting her. This was proved to be untrue because the incident was recorded on a video camera attached to the police car. As a result, she was charged with falsely accusing the police of assault and found guilty. On appeal, her lawyer claimed that it was not his client who had made the complaint, and the judge cleared her on the basis that the police were unable to make a positive identification.
As a result of this, within days, the New South Wales Government has changed the law and as a result any person who refuses to remove a head covering for police will face up to a year in jail or a $A5,500 (£3,600) fine.The other states are now considering similar legislation.

I'm just wondering what the situation is in this country. Can the police ask for a burka to be removed for the purpose of identification? If not, how do our police carry out their duties?
For reports see Sydney Daily Telegraph and Daily Telegraph

Another question which I would consider to be relevant is whether it is safe for a female to drive whilst wearing a burka which must restrict her field of vision?

But the main thing to notice here is that government acts in Australia and that it acts quickly.
Our government is still talking of emergency legislation concerning the issue of Police Bail which has had wide reaching effects; I prefer Australian action to British talk!

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