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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Politicians Covering Their Backs!

Politicians of the Defence Select Committee are busy covering their backs over the war in Afghanistan by deciding that the Ministry of Defence didn't give them enough information about what was going on and criticising it for failing to warn ministers of the dangers facing troops. This may, or may not be true, but don't MPs read newspapers, listen to the BBC or even listen to the relatives of those soldiers killed in Afghanistan? On the basis of what these MPs claim that the knew, it would seem that the average member of the public was better informed than the Select Committee! The shortage of helicopters, for example, received considerable publicity when we had to borrow from the Americans, yet the MPs were "unaware" of this.
The members of this select committee are doing nothing more than trying to ensure that the blame for the many shortcomings can be placed elsewhere prior to the next General Election. Personally I don't find the excuse "We weren't told" a valid excuse for a committee whose purpose is to ask questions and to seek answers.

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