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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"Extreme Right Wing"

According to the criteria used by the BBC (and the Guardian), it would seem that I am "Far Right Wing".- possibly even "Extreme Right Wing".
Well I'm strongly opposed to the EU and I support UKIP, and if that is not enough, I agree with the aims of the EDL. I am opposed to mass permanent immigration into this country from anywhere in the world, whilst welcoming longer term visitors who have something to offer this country or whom wish to gain experience here and learn our language. I also support greater independence for England within the Union, and an English Parliament with broadly the same functions as that in Edinburgh.
All of the organisations that I have mentioned and all of my beliefs that I have listed have, at one time or another, been described by the BBC as either "Far Right" or "Extreme Right".

The BBC, when referring to UKIP, invariably manages to include the BNP in the same sentence and describe them as "Far Right organisations". Similarly, when referring to the EDL, it somehow manages to refer to the "Violence of these extreme right-wing organisations", when all evidence suggests that the EDL has never been associated with any violence except when attacked by "Far Left-Wing Extremists" (They've managed to get me at it now! ).
I am also a Christian (although not necessarily a very good one), this would mean that the BBC would be able to describe me as a Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist should I ever have the misfortune to come to their attention.

So, following the Norwegian massacre and the claims made by the perpetrator, it seems that our security services will now be wasting their time in having a blitz on "Extreme Right Wing" organisations and those who might have had any involvement with such organisations.
As I clearly meet the BBC criteria, for being such an individual, presumably I will be getting a visit in due course.
 I just hope that whilst they're busy looking for all these right-wing extremists, they don't overlook that there are infinitely more left wing Islamic extremists in this country who are just waiting for a suitable opportunity.

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  1. EP,if they are going to have a 'blitz' on right wing extremist people,then they are going to have to look at a good 85% of the people of this Country!!