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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I've been reading, with some amusement, about the young couple who absconded from their school and went for a holiday in the Caribbean.
I personally blame their absent parents who seemed to have believed that money solves all problems, when what the youngsters really want is their parents.
It brought back to mind the time when my youngest daughter was about 12 or 13. She had a close girlfriend who had everything and my daughter was somewhat jealous that she didn't have a TV of her own and plenty of money to spend.
But one thing this girl didn't have was her parents. Her father was near the top of some multinational company and was always away and her mother spent her time being "charitable", being involved with almost every local charity, and was invariably out most evenings. An au-pair kept the house and cooked meals for the girl and her younger brother.
As a result, she often came home with our daughter and spent a lot of time talking to my wife. Even when the two girls fell out, as teenagers do, the girl still continued to call to talk things over with my wife, and indeed my wife helped her through what is probably the most difficult time of life for an adolescent. I think it did make my daughters appreciate the fact that money isn't everything and that the family matters. My daughter lost touch with her when they moved a couple of years later, but at least my wife has the satisfaction of having tried to help someone at their time of need.

I suspect that is what happened with the young couple who eloped to the Caribbean. They had no adults (other than teachers) to talk to, and whilst the school may provide an excellent education, it can't make up for absent parents. I wish them all the best.

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