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Friday, 3 January 2014

The Antarctic Rescue Saga continues

The saga continues.
The "researchers" have been transferred to the Australian ship, the Aurora Australis, but the Chinese ship with the helicopter is now stuck in the ice, and the Aurora Australis has been forced to remain on station as a precautionary measure. The result is that some real scientists at the Australian Carney base have not yet received their expected supplies and equipment forcing the Australian Government to consider air lifting urgently needed items.

The Russian ship Akademik Shokalskiy is not an ice breaker, as reported in some media, 
but merely "ice hardened".

Jo Nova's blogs continue to be a worthwhile read
Akademik Shokalskiy: were those careless risks in dangerous but foreseeable conditions?
Australian taxpayers will pay $400,000 cost for climate scientist’s ship stuck in ice. Total cost “millions”.
I also rather liked this tweet:
"Could the Queen not rush through a knighthood for Chris Turney for services to global warming scepticism?"

However you look at it, this saga is far more entertaining than most soaps on TV!
As might be expected, the BBC has not reported the latest developments.

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