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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another would-be Dictator

The Director of Public Health at NHS East Lancashire, wants all children who have not had the MMR jab to be banned from schools.
Having failed to convince the public that their children should have this jab (a fifth of the children in the area haven't had it), he adopts the typical attitude of dictators "I know that I am right, and you will have no choice but to do as I say",
I can think of lots of reasons why some children should be banned from schools, but this is not one of them.
And if someone succeeds here, what other reason might be used to ban children from school by  another would be dictator who is convinced that he is right? The fact that a child, or his parents, are man-made climate change sceptics, and by being so could infect the other children?

As an aside, I wonder why NHS East Lancashire has a Director of Public Health? I always thought Public Health was the responsibility of the appropriate Local Authority. Another non-job waiting to be abolished?

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