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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Christian Values and Adoption

Most newspapers (but apparently not the BBC) today cover the case of the Christian couple who are no longer allowed by Derby Council to be foster parents as the are opposed to homosexuality.

Ben Summerskill, of Stonewall says: "Too often in fostering cases it's forgotten that it is the interests of the child, and not the prejudices of the parent, that matter".


That is what most people believe, and I would suggest that very few would believe that it is in the interests of any child to allow them to be adopted by a homosexual couple, male or female.

From press reports, there is no suggestion that the couple are actively anti-homosexuals. They have merely said that, if asked, they would acquaint the child with their views.

Let's hope that the High Court has more sense than Derby Council who are prepared to make an issue out of something that may never happen. And perhaps the electors of Derby might remember at the next election what this case is likely to cost the council-tax payers together with the fact that the Council has managed to loose the services of a very caring couple at a time when foster parents are very difficult to find.

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