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Saturday, 13 November 2010

"Bonkers" Energy Policies

For a few years now, those who have some knowledge of the subject, and aren't blinded by 'green' prejudices, have been saying that we are likely to have an electricity shortage some time in the next few years; personally, from what I hear from insiders, I believe that we have been lucky to get away without major power cuts during the past couple of winters. (and remember, even if you have gas or oil central heating, you still need electricity to control the boiler)

Fortunately, someone in a more authoritative position than myself has now spoken out. As reported in the Daily Telegraph, Rupert Soames, chief executive of Aggreko, has said that 'Scotland is in “serious danger” of suffering power shortages over the next decade thanks to Alex Salmond’s “bonkers” green energy policies'.
He also accused politicians of “holding hands and singing Kumbaya to the great green God” but warned the reality is it will be many decades before renewable energy can plug the gap left by traditional sources of power. 

Whilst he was speaking to a Scottish audience about Scottish policies, I believe that the situation is far worst in England and I am just hoping that we do not have a hard winter.

Meanwhile I'm still looking for a cheap 5-10kW diesel powered generator!

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