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Friday, 12 November 2010

Labour Supports Student Riots

According to today's Daily Mail, two Labour MPs encouraged the student rioters using twitter, telling them to:
"get stuck in",
"just shows what can be done when people get angry. We must build on this",
"Well done our students"

If these were local councillors, there would be a full inquiry by the independent ethics committee (or whatever it calls itself) and they would probably be suspended. As MPs, no one will do anything and they are apparently allowed to encourage criminal behaviour. (Surely this is in itself a criminal offence?)

A number of so-called "University" staff also added their support and approved of what took place.

We have a fundamental right of peaceful demonstration in this country, and very few would want otherwise, but this was not peaceful demonstration, and action should be taken against any persons who can be shown to have actively encouraged what took place.

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  1. This is happening all over the globe. The People are rising up. Thank God, as it is about time.
    I disagree about the scam of global warming. Fact is global warming was to be the business, yes, the business that was to fuel the one world government. There is no such thing as the world warming. In fact, it is cooling. Sorry to disappointment anyone reading this but this is true. Cap and trade? Well, cap and trade flopped here in the U.S. Cap and trade was to be the second business of choice to fund the one world government. Now Leiberman is going to try for a third business (see The Hill..Washington, DC) to covertly develop the one world government.
    As for the E.U...well, freedom is not free. You must fight for freedom. Now you pay a tax to Brussels. You lost your sovereignty last year. Forever you may be a serf to the elite. I am surprised 360 cameras in London didn't spark riots. Or the body scanners. Finally waking up to the realization are you that we have been had? In fact, a global prison filled with tech ware being used to watch and control us. Finally realize the war on terror was all made up? That there is no AlQueda but is in fact AlCIAda? Even WikiLeaks is a CIA operation! Why? To distract us as the govt knows we know what's going on,of course.
    The People have finally awoken from their slumber to see we are in tyranny. Oh my! What do we do?
    The choice is yours.