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Thursday, 20 January 2011

How they do things in Canada - Baroness Warsi please note.

A group calling itself the "Free Thinking Film Society" in Ottawa, Canada has produced a documentary film (which I would like to see) about Iran called "Iranium", which was to have been show at the Canadian National Archives. However as a result of protests from the Iranian embassy and threats of violence (presumably from local Muslims), it was cancelled by civil servants.
The responsible Canadian Minister ordered his civil servants to reverse the decision stating that "Because Somebody Threatens Violence, It Doesn’t Mean They Get Their Way".
This YouTube extract of the Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore defending free speech on television is well worth watching - particularly the bit near the end where the interviewer suggests that he must be mad!

I just wish we had a few Ministers and politicians with his robust approach.

I hope the film "Iranium" will be shown in the UK, or at least put on YouTube although I suspect Baroness Warsi would have a somewhat different view.

Thanks to the Blog "Gates of Vienna".

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